FloPlast 110mm PVC Soil Pipes
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Fixing Guide
Fixing Guide
Install and test the system in accordance with BS EN 1610:19983
  • Commence the stack from the base and work up. Mark the position of the brackets and drill and fix screws before erecting the stack.
  • Fix pipe brackets at a maximum of 2m centres vertically and a maximum of 1m centres horizontally.
  • An allowance for expansion should be made by withdrawing all pipe and fittings spigots from sockets by 10mm. Soil fittings with spigot ends can be inserted into the socket to depth marks engraved on the spigot to ensure correct allowance is made for expansion. Expansion joints should be incorporated every 4m.
  • The use of silicone lubricant on all seals will facilitate jointing.
  • The system should incorporate suitable access points to enable testing and maintenance of the system.
FloPlast offer internal and external air admittance valves. These valves are designed to allow the free entry of air into the sanitary pipework system without the escape of foul gases. These are ideal if finishing the soil stack internally as there is no risk of an internal smell. If finishing the soil stack externally, using one of the external valves eliminates the need to get the stack above the roofline and away from any opening windows as they can be finished just 200mm above the last wet entry no matter where the position of the stack.

To view the manufacturers specification sheets and technical information CLICK HERE or visit www.pvcbuildingproducts.co.uk or www.floplast.co.uk.

Above is an illustration of a typical installation of the Floplast soil system.
FloPlast 110mm Soil Pipe SystemView the rangeAbout UsContact UsOnline Shop